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Franco Internationals best kept secrets, our hair washing tips that will change your life!




Frustrated with your shampoo & conditioner? Often clients have the wrong products for their hair and their needs!  E.g.  having curly hair and wanting curl control being sold curl volumising shampoo & conditioner and ending up with an afro! Find whats right for you! Come down to Franco International for a free product consultation or chat – 100% obligation free!



Out of the frying pan and into… a hot shower!  When your hair gets oily and it’s time for a wash, hot water does more bad than good! Did you know that if you have hair or scalp that is prone to oiliness, using hot water will stimulate your oil glands to produce even more oil? So drop the temperature and keep that wash for longer!




Find that your conditioner just doesn’t last? The problem could be not drying your hair off before applying! Conditioner gets easily diluted when applied to wet hair making it less effective and so you apply more! Grab a towel after you’ve shampoo’d dry your hair off and then apply! You’ll be amazed at the difference.



Yes! There is a very good reason behind shampoo’ing twice! The first time washes off all the grit and grime from the day – oil, pollution, smoke. The second wash allows your shampoo to do it’s magic! Whether it’s a moisturising shampoo like Redken Diamond Oil or a hair-loss wonder like KÉRASTASE Densifique.  It gets your shampoo working like it should!



Ever wondered why your hair looks so good after a salon wash? (Besides the incredible products!) Here are some of our secret tips!

  1. We only apply shampoo to the roots of your hair  then rinse through.
  1. We use flat palms to massage your hair so that your oil glands don’t get over stimulated!
  1. We give your hair a good dry before applying conditioner!




The Franco International Teams loves these Shampoo & Conditioners. Redken Blonde Idol collection which keeps your blondes toned up to 6 weeks! Pureology’s Colour Care Range great for colour treated hair and sulfate free! And the  The Brazilian Blowdry! For fine or thick, dry or damaged this is an all rounder!





Have you bought a professional product that doesn’t seem to lather up? Chances are that’s because it’s a sulfate-free shampoo.  Sulfates are a detergent and the reason behind the bubbles.  Suflate-free shampoos come with a ton of benefits:

  • Gentler on the scalp
  • Gentler on colour
  • Doesn’t remove natural oils
  • Avoid going grey early
  • The more natural option

Ask about our sulfate-free products in store!



As much as you love a good bath it’s just not the place to wash your hair properly. When washing your hair in the bath all the grit and grime you’re trying to get rid of sticks to the surface of the water so when you “rinse” it all jumps back on again!

Try only using a shower head or shower when washing your hair, this way you know that when the dirt and oil is gone… and gone for good



Wet hair is extremely delicate and should be handled with care. That’s what’s great about the VEAUDRY myDetangler! It glides easily through your hair, wet or dry, making use of flexible bristles at different  lengths – which minimizes damage caused when detangling!

Ask for it at your nearest Franco International!



Frequently Asked Questions – Brazilian Blowout & Blow Drys


Over the past few years, there has been an increasing amount of press regarding the use of formaldehyde in “ Brazilian blowout ” hair straightening products. We need to ensure our clients and the community are aware that Evolution Manufacturing, L.L.C., has been in full compliance with all worldwide regulations and has never made any false claims regarding this matter. We at Evolution Keratin chose to invest our time into research and development.

As a result of our efforts, we have developed a unique formula that is “Argan Infused” to help with the absorption of ingredients, which allowed us to maintain a permissible level of Formaldehyde.

The majority of this negative publicity arose from many of our competitor’s misrepresentation of the use of formaldehyde in their products, some claiming to be “formaldehyde-free,” but actually is using excessive levels above permissible levels. We rely and trust on our laboratory to produce, and regulate our formulas with thorough quality control measures with a set procedure to ensure compliance. Our manufacturing plant is FDA approved, and complies with all the Good Manufacturing Practices in the industry. Our lab provides us with testing results, as well as MSDS sheets, which disclose not only active ingredient levels, but also the handling suggestions. Evolution Manufacturing, L.L.C., will gladly release any documentation including Material Safety & Data Sheets (MSDS), which indicate levels of free formaldehyde emitted. Even in our strongest formula, the level of free formaldehyde is in compliance with all global regulatory agencies, which allow up to a maximum of 0.75 PPM. Unlike many of our competitors, research can verify that our brand has never been banned from any region including Europe and Canada, both of which have markets with very strict regulations on formaldehyde levels in “Brazilian hair straighteners.”

To guarantee minimal exposure to, we have always strongly recommended the use of gloves to apply the product. Also, a strand test 24hrs before will also ensure the client is a good candidate for the treatment and is not allergic. Ventilation is key to avoid breathing formaldehyde fumes. Making sure these preventative actions are taken has always proven to have no harmful effects on hair professionals and their clients.

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